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Social Media Management for Lawyers

You may be thinking: “I know, social media is taking over the world. I have a Facebook page already.” But what are you using that page for? What is it accomplishing? Attorneys are in a unique situation in that to gain the most out of their social media exposure, the platforms are utilized a little differently. So, how does FirmFinder approach social media management for lawyers?

Let’s take a look at what people want to see when they visit an attorney’s social media page and how the attorney can benefit from that page visit.

1. Referrals – When a customer likes your page or posts a review to your Facebook or Google+ page, that “like” or review is seen by friends of friends of friends. In the past, you had to count on “word of mouth” to gain your referrals. A review that is seen by hundreds or even thousands of people spreads MUCH faster than that same individual telling their friends one at a time!

2. Local News – When a potential client is browsing your Facebook or Google+ page, they are not looking for anything in particular, they are just browsing. However, by utilizing our social media management services and posting the latest news article about changes to a statute or a recent event that has happened relating to their situation, you are gaining that person’s trust, giving them a warm blanket of confidence that you are the legal professional most up to date with current law.

3. What To Be Careful Of – Attorneys must be aware of the difference between sharing insights and posting legal advice (you can guess which one is a no-no). If you are not sure, play it safe by putting “Insights shared on this page do not constitute legal advice”, and contact an expert in social media management for attorneys.

Another thing to be careful of is finding the perfect professional/personal balance. It is ok to post pictures of a vacation you were on or an up close shot of Fluffy, the family poodle. People want to see that you are personable. However, too much of that may make your potential client think that you do not take your profession seriously.

Social media provides too much value to your firm to risk making a costly mistake. Join the other attorneys across the United States that let the attorney marketing professionals at AMS handle it for you. Shoot us an email for a free social media management quote and evaluation.

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